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Have you been in and out of doctors offices for a bladder infection only to be told you do not have any bacterial in your sample? You once again tell them that you have a history of these bothersome bladder infections.  So the doctor gives you another antibiotic.
Of course most of these medications require huge amounts of water to be consumed.  This gives you some relief but not always at first.  Your symptoms after some time start to subside some.  Of course you know it is only a matter of time before you have another problem.
If this is happening to you it may not be bladder infections it might be Interstital Cystitis/ Painful Bladder Syndrome.
When a doctor told me to drink some cranberry juice I told him I was allergic to citric fruits and that the companies are always putting citric acid in these drinks.
It was like a light bulb went off in his face and he said he knew what was wrong with me.  He began to explain that his wife had it and that it had to do with diet.  He then told me to go home and look up "IC DIET". He also said that it was just being recognized by the medical community.  That was about 3 years ago.
That is exactly what I did and it changed my life.  I have not had what I use to call  bladder infections for these last 3 years.  I do often haver small flare ups-but there are other factors like stress that can cause this condition

First Thing to do:  Go to FOOD LIST and copy this. Eliminate the foods that they suggest.
We are all different and we may be able to tolerate a food that would instantly give someone else a flare up.
So once on the elimination foods and the flare up goes away.  You are then able to add one food at time.  Give this food at least one week before you know if it causes symptoms.  If no problems, you will most likely will be able to tolerate this food.

Then at your leisure, while resting and taking care of yourself read all you can from the
These articles from the ic-network have in them little additional tid-bits of information of this illness that have given me the help I needed.  Like stress, vitamins, certain sinus and cold medications, ibuprofen, asprin, vitamins, preservatives, additives,etc. that cause these flare ups. There is information on what to do during a flare up.
It has been an adventure and I have learned to make from scratch many of the foods I eat.  Preservatives have been a big problem for me-so that is the reason that I have had to experiment and come up with my own recipes.
So come on in and check out my recipes and know you are not alone.
NOTE: The food list (in picture above) was copied and covered with clear contact paper.  A paper punched a hole in the left hand top corner and a clip to hold.  This allows me to take the list to the store and quickly look to see what is allowed and what is not.  Especially when it comes to the different additives and preservatives that I cannot even pronounce.

The next post will be starting my recipes.

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