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Even a good loaf of bread can have ingredients that can cause an IC flare up. For me the first thing on this label was the added vitamins.  I cannot even eat boxed cereal because of them.  I will feel the results in about an hours time. There is also vinegar added to this loaf of bread.  Sometime you can cook a food and it changes the chemistry of it and it will not bother you.  But you have to figure that out with the trial and error period of added foods to your diet.
It is recommended that you make your own bread.  
This is really an easy task, if you use a bread machine.  It can do all the work for you.


Rule of Thumb so to speek is as follows:  No more than 4 cups of flours or dry ingredients.  Therefore any bread recipe that fits in this catagory will work. If your recipe calls for more than this try reducing your recipe in half or thirds or what ever comes within the 4 cups.


Place in Bread Maker in this order
  1 1/3 cup of warm water
  1 1/4 teaspoon salt
  2 1/4 teaspoons sugar or splenda
  4  cups Bread Flour (see NOTE below)
  2 1/4 teaspoon Active Dry Yeast or one envelope.
  Egg white and little water

1.  Let your machine do the kneading.  Always check to see if it needs a teaspoon or two of water or flour depending on your machine or location where you live.
2.  Then allow to rise and knead again.
3.  After this stage-remove the dough and place dough in loaf pan or shape into a round loaf.
4.  Add egg white to small bowl and add just a tiny bit of water and whisk with for.  Brush lightly on top of loaf with a pastry brush.
5.  Let rise till doubled and bake in about 400 to 425 degrees depending on your oven till browned on top and when thumped with you finger sounds hollow. Remove and let set 5-7 minutes and slice to eat.
Program your machine for 1.5 pound loaf on French Bread Setting.

Medium Crust

NOTE:  I read in some article that "Unbleached Flour" works well in a bread recipe.
I have used it for years and it works just fine for me. It saves me from buying an extra kind of flour and sometimes more expensive flour.

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