Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last year my grand-daughter and I made some frozen banana treats. I suffer from IC and my grand daughter from migraines. Chocolate brings on her migraines so we found a recipe in Diabetic Living Magazine and tweaked it.
I found out that BANANAS were added to our IC Food List.  They found out that it is the riper bananas that give us the problem so if you use bananas that are not very ripe you should be safe.  Always try something out and see if you are sensitive to it.
 To check out the article on bananas click here


6 bananas
chopped nuts (nuts safe for you)
[you can use coconut, candy sprinkles, anything you would like to coat your banana]
sucker sticks, straws, pop sickle sticks, etc. what ever will work
White Chocolate Chips or Butterscotch Chips, melted
cookie sheet
wax paper

1.  Cut one banana at a time in half. Insert your pop sickle sticks or what ever you use, in the middle of the cut banana.
2.  Melt a small amount of the white chocolate in the microwave in a micro safe small bowl.
We found that the white chocolate seems to harden faster than chocolate chips, that is why the small amount of chips. Melting more for each banana.
3.  Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper
4.  Also using a knife, spread the melted chips all around the cut banana.
5.  Quickly roll the coated banana in your topping of choice.
6.  Lay your finished banana on the prepared cookie sheet and place in freezer. 
Allow to freeze for 30 minutes.
7. placed each frozen treat in a fold over plastic sandwich bag. Take a twisty and secure to your pop sickle stick at bottom of the banana. Then place in a larger bag and store in your freezer.
We did do some chocolate coated bananas. Although I liked the white chocolate with peanuts better. I get away with milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate with my IC. Everyone is different. My grandson gets migraines from nuts but not chocolate. God made us all so unique. Imagine every part of our body is unique, why not our food allergies and problems.
You now have a nice frozen treat for those very hot summer days that is healthy for you.