Sunday, November 10, 2013


When I was a teenager I had a sister and brothers that liked McDonald's hamburgers.  We had only had them once or twice.  When my siblings started to talk about it, I decided that I could make them.  So I told mom about it and she had some hamburger and some buns.  At that time the hamburgers were very thin and fried.  So I made a small ball of hamburger and put it between wax paper and smashed it down.  Salted and peppered it on both sides and fried it.  With some mustard, ketchup, and dill pickle on a bun, my siblings thought it was great.  It was a fond memory.  I have made hamburgers like that several times since then.
Below is the method I used and how it became frugal portion control.
Pull out enough plastic wrap to be able to fold in half.  Lay it out on the counter and put a ball of hamburger in the center of the lower half of the plastic wrap.
Fold the top part of the plastic wrap in half as seen above.
Then flatten the hamburger to form a size to fit a hamburger bun allowing for any shrinkage depending on the fat count of the meat.
It will look similar to the one above.  You can now add the salt and pepper and fry or prepare for the freezer.
Fold all sides of plastic wrap in.
Above is the hamburgers ready to go into the freezer.  
Place in a plastic freezer bag or as I have done a washed and dried bread wrapper.  Not only do I get a loaf of bread at the Dollar Tree but I get a plastic bag for storage.
Place in freezer.
You now have hamburgers ready to thaw and fry up for a nice yummy hamburger with onions, pickle, bun, and condiments.
Now for the Frugal Portion Control of my blog.  I had been weighing out 4-8 ounces of meat and then freezing for further use. Now I just pull out one patty per serving called for in a recipe.  This has saved me money as I only use the amount needed. Also if I want a hamburger I can just thaw out one hamburger.  So now, I just make a lot of hamburgers :)
Hope you find this helpful and enjoy


Georgene G. said...

I need to do this. Great idea! I'd love to read more about how you live on Social Security. Have you written anything?

nanasknoll said...

No Georgene, maybe I should do so sometime.