Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Mushrooms are so full of health benefits.  Keeping them fresh to use whenever you want to can be a problem.  With just the two of us home now, they can go bad pretty quickly if I do not use them right away.

I have frozen a lot of different foods, but had not tried freezing mushrooms.  I wanted to be able to take out just what I needed when adding to a recipe.
So I tried the same method I used for blueberries.
I laid them out on wax paper and placed them in the freezer.

Once they were frozen I placed them in a zip-lock bag.
They worked out great.  They still retained their flavor and texture.
I froze them for at least a month and they did great.  I do not know how long you can actually freeze them for.  Would have to experiment with different times.
You could look it up in the Ball Canning book.  I do not own an up to date book at the moment.
I will continue to use this method from now on.

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